Scooter the Loquatian


My name is Scooter because that is how I get by, scooting limb to limb because I can't fly.  I’m a Loquatian and the Loquat tree is home to me.  This is my story of learning how to be.


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This is the first book of many more to come in the series of Scooter the Loquatian. With Scooter’s foundation we will create activities that encourages and supports personal growth. As Scooter processes the trauma and emotions of not being able to fly, fears are presented and negative thought patterns. Scooter represents how we can turn these opportunities into strengths and wisdom. Scooter's wings that could not fly opened up the opportunities to move through the pain of what ultimately expanded Scooter's confidence, compassion, and gifts. These sabotaging voices in our head limit our expression and keep us from leaping into life. Scooter's world is rich with imagination, color, fun, ups and downs. Explore the decks, the sewing room and kitchen in the Loquat tree. Meet Jesse Dog, the ants with their fancy pants, Mr. Beans the rabbit, Maci the cat, Sadie the Bee, and find your best friend in Scooter.

The Creative Process of Jendala

Jendala is the author and creative visionary of "Scooter" and all the Loquat patio family that come to life in this fun filled and heart opening Book "Wings to Fly" and the entire Loquatian series to be.

Jennifer Utsch, aka “Jendala,” is a dreamer and a believer in the power of words, thoughts, and intentions.  Scooter appeared to Jendala in a dream in 2008 when Scooter first came for a visit into her world.  A vivid and firey yellow, red, orange and pink owl of sorts measuring maybe a foot and a half tall with long floppy ears, Scooter landed in the Loquat tree with a since of love and sensitivity.

Jendala’s narration:   I was having a very vivid dream looking out a window at a very green Loquat tree.  Instantly appearing was a super cute being with feathers and leaves floating all around me.   This owl of sorts pulled out a wing and pointed his talon toward me as the word PAIN acknowledged within me.   Then those big brown eyes blinked in a since of honoring, followed with “You are Beautiful” and my entire everything began floating in an odd knowing.  I then asked:  “Who are you?” and the response was, “‘Well, I’m a Loquatian.  I live in your Loquat tree.’”

On Jendala’s back patio in Healdsburg, California,  there lived a Loquat tree and here Scooter continued to dialogue a rhyming story filing books to be. Time allowed for the meeting of Tara Seren, the perfect illustrator to  articulate Scooter’s physical emerging.  In heaps of gratitude, Jendala is honored to partner with a perceptible illustrator that captures and executes the essence of Scooter and Scooter's world authentically.    Scooter is excited  to share these stories with the world.